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Sadie's Waltz

A film by Mobius Films
Edward Tyndall, Director
Sadie Waltz Poster

Featuring Golden Globe winner Richard Beymer (Twin Peaks, West Side Story), Jon Stafford (Full Metal Jacket), Summer Stevens and Barbara Weetman, Sadie’s Waltz is a haunting story of grief and transcendence. A young woman trapped in a home destroyed by tragedy suffers her father’s tyrannical abuse until a strange vision inspired by a comic book advertisement shows her an unexpected path to liberation.

Written and directed by Edward R. Tyndall and beautifully photographed by award-winning cinematographer M. Shawn Lewallen, Sadie’s Waltz boldly dramatizes the subconscious in a film where the rational and the irrational collide in a struggle for the survival of a human soul.