•   Piano Solo 

Brian Wilbur Grundstrom at rehearsal for Pepe! The Mail Order Monkey Musical

Brian Wilbur Grundstrom at 10 years old

Music for Piano Solo IV

(Crystalline Textures)

12:30 minutes

A response to minimalism, Crystalline Textures was written as an exercise in “transparent” or “crystalline” textures, utilizing Romantic and Impressionist elements of texture and dynamics. Repetitive or minimalist elements are employed, yet varied. To provide forward motion rhythmically, eight-note triplets are varied with either with a duple or by eliminating an eighth note altogether to make a compound meter. Although not written with a key signature, the piece is clearly tonal with tension between the major and minor. (1997 performance by BWG at Steinway Hall, NYC.)

~ November 27, 2007 performance by Ruth Rose on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC

Music for Piano Solo III

12:00 minutes

This tonal piece is defined by its melodic landscape.

~ Pianist Craig Randal Johnson received a Performance Incentive Fund from the American Composers Forum to perform this work.

Music for Piano Solo II

6:00 minutes

Using all 88 keys, this upbeat melodic journey explores several different tonal centers and textures, including a "hoedown."

Music for Piano Solo I

6:30 minutes

A short lyric atonal piece for piano solo.

~ 1985 performance at Gettysburg College by BWG.