• Music II for Wind Quintet - in handwriting

    Wind Quintet

BWG with Trinity Chamber Players Wind Quintet

Robin Dawn Gelman (bassoon), Robin Barr (oboe), Jay Chadwick (horn), Angela Murakami (clarinet), Julianne Martinelli (flute)

Music II for Wind Quintet

Music for Wind and String Quintets

15:30 minutes
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn

World Premiere

Ensemble à la Carte
June 19, 2005
Alexandria, Virginia

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Commissioned for Ensemble à la Carte in Washington DC, Music II for Wind Quintet was originally conceived as Music for Piano Solo II, written in 1990. While the 15-minute piece is through-composed, that is, without a formal compositional structure, there are natural breaks or pauses that delineate. One of these quasi-sections is reminiscent of a "hoedown". Thematic material is repeated through the entire piece.

This lively and spirited piano piece was chosen as suitable for a wind quintet because it was less idiomatic for the piano. By contrast, Music for Piano Solo IV (Crystalline Textures) above would be a more difficult piece to arrange for instruments. This piece explores the various colors available on the piano, which would make it much harder to orchestrate. Music II has more of the structural elements of music -- melody, harmony and rhythm than Crystalline Textures, which is more about dynamics and color. While five instruments have more varied color than just the piano, the pianistic ways of changing color would require much more reworking to achieve the similar effects with a quintet.

Chenonceau - a castle in France on the Loire Valley

Sunderman Woodwind Quintet, October 18, 2013, The Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg College. Photo below by Mike Baker includes  Teresa Bowers (flute),  Aaron Scott (clarinet), Beth Ann Clare, (bassoon), Ken Bell (French horn) and Ed Stanley (oboe).

~ Chamber Music by Candlelight by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians, April 25, 2010, Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore MD. BSO musicians were Marcia Kämper (flute), Jane Marvine (oboe), William Jenken (clarinet), David Coombs (bassoon) and Gabrielle Finck (horn).
Marcia Kämper, Flute  Jane Marvine, oboe  William Jenken, clarinet  David Coombs, bassoon  Gabrielle Finck, horn